søndag, april 02, 2006

2. april 2006 - Soon Easter

On friday Helen and I was looking at a new challey type at Hellerudsletta. We have bought a new lot at Gaustadblikk - Rjukan i Telemark. The dogs were alone at home for a little while, before our youngest dauhter - Kimmy - came home from school. Guess what Kimmy discovered when she got home. On the table there were some dip, dogsnacks and crisp. Just paper and plastic on the floor. Who was responsable - Usher is his name. I can imagine what happend. Usher on the table - Ozzy looking and thinking (no, no Usher that`s not what you are allowed). Shika just waiting to take part in dealing the goodies (good boy Usher) - you are the champion. Three different berners - Ozzy the careful one - Shika wants but not daring - Usher takes what he wants but he is still very young.

We are going to the mountains next week for celebrating easter. Hoping for many sunny days. Our son, Dennis, is with his girlfriend at the mountains this weekend, and there was 30 cm with new snow - so there will be good skiing for a long time. To day it`s also snowing at Hafjell (Lillehammer).

Hope you all will have a nice easter

Catarina son

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