lørdag, januar 27, 2007

Lovely Saturday 27. january 2007

Friday evening Shika was going home with Linda at Røa. Lovely for her without the boys. She is coming in heat soon. Ozzy went to bed early and of course he was lying all the time in daddy`s bed. Taking all the place. In the morning it was Usher`s turn. To day it was a lovely day. We went along - knowing that Shika was lying sleeping in Linda`s bed this morning. In the background you can se the Holmenkollen ski jump.
Here you can see Ozzy and Usher in the snow. Ozzy sitting and Usher standing. Two wonderful boys.
Usher standing - wondering what people are coming.

Usher sitting - a powerful male berner just 19 months old.
Wonder what he will be like 3-4 years old?
He will be shown in Sweden in 2008 - World Dog Show.

Usher and Ozzy - almost the same hight.

Wonderful Ozzy - joy of daddy - severe HD - You can`t believe it.

Ozzy from behind - good angulation.

Usher and Ludvig - 12 weeks old

Have you seen such nice boys - berner`s have a wonderful temperament - so nice.

Finishing the walk for 2 hours - ozzy went with Helen to meet Shika and Linda.
Usher and I went home. Then driving to the pet shop to buy some food and goodies.
A nice day - snow and cold hopefully will stay for a long time.